Who's organizing this event ?
We, ASBL Dance Corner, based in Belgium are organising this event in collaboration with AMCK London - Le Cirque du Soleil - Disney Entertainement - BNS Entertainement - Luc Petit Création

Why do we have to pay for an audition ?

Well, as explained on our website's homepage the event itself costs a lot to organize. 
We don't consider the fee as a payement but as a participation.
Every dancer puts on a participation so the event can be organized and we can cover the costs.
We had two option : 
- Organize it this way and make this event and this great opportunity possible.
- Not organizing it and may be miss a chance to put on something great for dancers.
You can agree to participate to the funding of the event, taking part of it, or not. 

Are the agencies really looking for dancers ?

They better be ! We talked to all of them, explaining clearly that we expect from them to be casting dancers & artists for upcoming jobs / events / shows. The previous edition had concrete results for many dancers now working for Le Cirque du Soleil, BNS or AMCK.

What is the audition for Choreographers ?
We wanted to allow choreographers to submit their work too. So we'll organize a video projection on the sunday evening. Each choreographer can subscribe and send a video of his work (maximum 3 minutes). Choreographers can be present during the projection to introduce their work (no obligations).

I want to show a solo and i'm also performing in a group. Should i pay twice ?
No... We're not that bad ! You just have to pay once per day. One ticket for the saturday if you want to do the casting as a dancer "following" the classes; one ticket for the sunday if you want to introduce a solo / duet / group / special act and one ticket if you want to participate as a choreographer.


Who is teaching the classes and why classes ?
We will soon announce the line up of teachers coming to the event.
The class consist in 40 minutes to learn a choreo and 50 minutes to perform, dance / groups...
You are free to choose the classes you want to attend.

Can i introduce a solo and a duo ?

Yes you can. For sure. But it's only once per category :
- 1 Solo
- 1 Duet
- 1 Special acts
If you're dancing for different groups that's not a problem once you have your ticket.